Ellen E. (Toronto, Ontario)

Leaving the egg rolls in my cart was an accident.
Here is the story (in case you are interested).

Many, many years ago - like, the late 1950's! - my father used to travel by car from Toronto to Ottawa on business. And, every time, he would have dinner at the Golden Palace and bring home egg rolls!

Many years later, I had a butcher (!) who used to go to Ottawa most weekends. Each time, at my request, he would bring back several dozen egg rolls and the fab sauce for me. I would freeze them and my entire family would enjoy them.

My friend was driving through Ottawa yesterday and phoned me. We chatted and I realized, hours later, when he was almost back home in Toronto, that I should have suggested he swing by the Golden Palace for egg rolls.

That got me wondering if the Golden Palace even existed any longer! So I searched. And egg rolls figured very strongly in the links I found.

And so, to my great joy, I learned that you are shipping egg rolls!!!

So, I wanted to learn just how much shipping would cost. To do that, I had to begin an order, which I did. I learned the cost of shipping and bookmarked the site - I will be ordering, just not right now.

I hope that I haven't bored you with the details above.

-- August 2016