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I moved from Ottawa to Poughkeepsie NY this year. The Chinese food here is terrible and the egg rolls especially … When my sister came for a visit this past July I asked her to bring me some Famous Golden Palace Egg Rolls®. She delivered 24! Even frozen they were delicious when heated in the oven.

I gave a few to a friend who said he hated egg rolls. Needless to say he loved them and wants more.

Janice (Poughkeepsie, NY)

I need your fabulous Famous Golden Palace Egg Rolls® on Thurs. Feb. 25th so will wait to order them on Wed. Feb. 24th.

As a bit of history, I discovered your Famous Golden Palace Egg Rolls® (as well as your delicious honey garlic chicken balls and spare ribs) when I lived in Ottawa back in the '60s. I moved away in the early '70s but came back to Ottawa for a visit (and an egg roll feast) in the fall of 2009, so it's been a while!

Mary H (Brampton, ON)

Our Dad (now deceased) Clay *** knew Tom Mar well from Ottawa Board of Trade.  Mr. Mar had memorized almost every surname of every family that ever ordered He knew you as soon as you walked in.

It always amazed me how Mr. Mar knew your family name as soon as you came up the stairs … all the Bel-Air park gang. Terrific memory. And he always called our Dad by his first name.

Nancy (Ottawa)

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