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“My buddies and I ate at the Golden Palace Restaurant weekly. Tom used to know just what I wanted when I came in for a meal and for our poker nights we'd order 70 Famous Golden Palace Egg Rolls® with a gigantic tub of that great plum sauce. This was in the late '60's.

Since moving to BC in 1969 I have been back just once many years ago and the first thing I did getting to Ottawa was to go straight to the GP, buy some Famous Golden Palace Egg Rolls® and eat them standing up in the parking lot before I even got back in the car.

When I told a friend of mine here on Gabriola Island, BC that story and that I sometimes dream about those Famous Golden Palace Egg Rolls®........he brought some back for me last week and they were just the same.......wonderful. So you can add Gabriola Island, BC to your list of travels. Is there any way of ordering them frozen and shipping here?”

-- August, 2014