Liz (Collingwood, Ontario)

“Hi. I was born & raised in Ottawa and the ONLY place we went was to the Golden Palace. Your egg rolls are superior. I have never come across a better roll anywhere I've been. Actually, to this day, when I see the "standard" egg roll at other places, it just makes me want YOUR egg rolls even more. Thank you.

I have a question for you. I was recently in Ottawa and purchased 6 dozen egg rolls. They have been frozen ever since. How do I defrost them without them being soggy and what would be the best way to reheat them to serve at Thanksgiving. I want to share them with my Husband's family. They have never eaten them before & I want their experience to be just as good as getting them fresh.

I await your answer and Thank You SO much for your hard work for making the

" WORLD'S BEST" egg roll.”

-- September, 2014