I just want to thank you for Golden Palaces' great service. Usually, when I visit Ottawa I transport my egg rolls by car back to Tecumseh. This year we flew and we're delighted to find out that you ship your egg rolls. Golden Palace did a remarkable job in getting them to me. So, after 36 years of bringing my egg rolls back by car twice a year, I shall order them on line. Small wonder that the Golden Palace is one of the great Chinese restaurants in Canada.

-- December 2016

Brian B. (Tecumseh, Ontario)

My parents went on their first date at the Golden Palace 50 years ago! My mom now lives in Victoria, BC and I am bringing her the eggrolls tomorrow. It will be the best birthday gift for her!

-- December 2016

Jenn H. (Toronto, Ontario)

My dad and I have brought your egg rolls all the way to Reno, Nevada... Twice. Both times it was a 4 day road trip and we had to stop at a butcher every morning for dry ice. It was worth it.

-- September 2016

Pete M.

Leaving the egg rolls in my cart was an accident.
Here is the story (in case you are interested).

Many, many years ago - like, the late 1950's! - my father used to travel by car from Toronto to Ottawa on business. And, every time, he would have dinner at the Golden Palace and bring home egg rolls!

Many years later, I had a butcher (!) who used to go to Ottawa most weekends. Each time, at my request, he would bring back several dozen egg rolls and the fab sauce for me. I would freeze them and my entire family would enjoy them.

My friend was driving through Ottawa yesterday and phoned me. We chatted and I realized, hours later, when he was almost back home in Toronto, that I should have suggested he swing by the Golden Palace for egg rolls.

That got me wondering if the Golden Palace even existed any longer! So I searched. And egg rolls figured very strongly in the links I found.

And so, to my great joy, I learned that you are shipping egg rolls!!!

So, I wanted to learn just how much shipping would cost. To do that, I had to begin an order, which I did. I learned the cost of shipping and bookmarked the site - I will be ordering, just not right now.

I hope that I haven't bored you with the details above.

-- August 2016

Ellen E. (Toronto, Ontario)

Hello Golden Palace friends….I see on your site that you wish to know how far your famous egg rolls have travelled and I would like to add my destinations too…having lived in Hong Kong and Tokyo, you can include HK and Japan to the list and as I have been living in France for many years I always bring back my favourite egg rolls with me to Paris so you can also add this to your list.

-- August 2016

Catherine B. {Anka} (Paris, France)

I have often delivered your egg rolls to Patterson Lake, Quebec.

-- August 2016

Cheryl K. (Ottawa, Ontario)

I want to thank you, Golden Palace and FedEx for the excellent service in delivering my order (of 4 doz. egg rolls) to Kingston, Ont. yesterday. I'm sorry that no one answered the door bell when FedEx delivered. My brother and I were chatting on the phone (he was in the back yard) and obviously didn't hear it (no excuse, I know). How clever of FedEx to put the order in the garage. I called my brother immediately back to tell him this (as you had left me a phone message).

When in Ottawa (which is seldom) my brother always stops by the Golden Palace to order egg rolls to take back home to Kingston. They are his favourite 'treat'. How special to have this treat delivered to his door, on his 70th Birthday, or in this case, in the garage. Many many 'thanks' Bill for your wonderful service!

-- July 2016

Marylou G. (Ottawa, Ontario)

I received my eggrolls and can’t wait to dig into them. I’ve been a loyal customer since the Canton Inn in the early 60s. Since moving out of Ottawa in 2005 I’ve longed for your eggrolls and am very happy that you are shipping them now. You can expect regular orders from me now.

-- Mar. 2016

Bev D (Fergus, Ontario)

Thanks, Bill!

I need your fabulous egg rolls on Thurs. Feb. 25th so will wait to order them on Wed. Feb. 24th.

As a bit of history, I discovered your famous egg rolls (as well as your delicious honey garlic chicken balls and spare ribs) when I lived in Ottawa back in the '60s. I moved away in the early '70s but came back to Ottawa for a visit (and an egg roll feast) in the fall of 2009, so it's been a while!

Thank you!

-- Feb. 2016

Mary H (Brampton, ON)

Just to let you know that I got the order!

Thanks so much for all your help. I will be ordering again very soon!!!

-- Jan. 2016

Rosalie D (Markham, ON)

We have been enjoying the GP Egg Rolls since the early 60's and since our move to St. Catharines in 1975 have returned home each year with as many as 20 dozen at a time.

We are thrilled that we can now order them online and have them shipped directly to our home to enjoy anytime.

You remain the Egg Roll Kings of Canada!!!

-- Jan. 2016

Evelyn M (St. Catharines, Ontario)

Bill, just wanted to thank you for the egg rolls we had shipped to Toronto for New Years. They went over like gang-busters, as they use to say.

My sister-in-law has had to give out your site, as all that attended the party wanted to know where she got them from. She has posted her favourable comments on Facebook and her friends have all 'liked' it.

One question, that should be included on the web site page; can they be frozen?? She asked, as she would probably order more than she needs and eat them at a later time.

-- Jan. 2016


The egg rolls were received and were a hit over here in London. I’ve never seen people react this way to a gift I’ve given them. Thanks so much for your help - I’m looking forward to getting to try a roll!

-- Dec. 2015

Christina A (London, ON)

Everything went great Bill. Just picked up both boxes and now have to "taste" test them. Penguin was great,stop,ID, then sign and go. The young lady running it was very nice. U should send her a few as she got my review and is planning to do her own taste test.

Have a great New Year and best of luck in 2016.

-- Dec. 2015

John M (Kanata, ON)

I work with several people from Ottawa who are very excited about being able to get your amazing egg rolls, so we may put an order in together. I had no idea you were doing this delivery until I saw it in the paper earlier this week. I told my cousin (who is from Ottawa – my aunt worked at Sears at Carlingwood) and they have already ordered and picked up this week. Golden Palace egg rolls are a legend in our family!

Thank you

-- Dec. 2015

Candace M (Toronto, ON)

“B.H., now 87 years old, of Killaloe, ON has been a customer of yours for many of your 55 years. Business involved travel to Ottawa on many occasions, and always a stop at the Golden Palace to eat-in and enjoy your famous egg rolls, Golden Palace Chow Mein, and exceptional chicken balls and honey garlic spare ribs. B.H. would often bring egg rolls home for kids and grandkids. The love of the Golden Palace has been passed onto family, and indeed many friends.

As a special treat this Christmas, we will be picking up takeout from the Golden Palace to share with B.H.’s family and friends in Killaloe, ON.”

-- Dec. 2015

D.F. (Killaloe, ON)

“My family has been enjoying your great fare since the early 1960s this online offering is fantastic. I don’t have to fly back there to get some egg rolls, though I do miss the place, it was classy.

I remember walking home from Woodroffe High School in 1964 and the one thing that got me home when it was cold was that 25 cent egg roll. Best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The eggrolls were not only delicious but great hand warmers walking home from Woodroffe High in winter (circa 1964).”

-- Dec. 2015

J.M. (Calgary, Alberta)

Last week my friend Colin Elliot over nighted your egg rolls to me in Iowa City, Iowa. I had them in May when I went to visit him in Vermont. I thought he was crazy when he told me they are the worlds best egg rolls, but now I cannot eat any other egg roll.

-- Sept, 2015

Stefanie (Iowa City,Iowa)

 Good afternoon, just wanted to let you know that we have been enjoying your egg rolls for many, many years!! My mom grew up around the corner from GP and used to get them for 10 cents when she was small!!

We have enjoyed your egg rolls in. Aurora, Ontario, Newmarket, Ontario and up at our cottage in Pointe Au Baril, Ontario!

Keep up the good work..three generations and still loving them!!

Deb (Pointe Au Baril, Ontario)

“I took a dozen up to a friend's cottage at Lac Vert, Quebec, north of Fort Coulonge.

I was excused from doing the dishes. ; ) ”

-- August, 2015


“I would like to place an order to have egg rolls shipped to my wedding in BC this July. Details: 300 egg rolls, cooked then frozen (want to be able to just warm them up and then eat them).” 

-- May, 2015

Robin (Delta, BC)

“On behalf of the E. family, I would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for making the celebration of my father (Ron)'s 85th birthday such a special occasion. Your generosity, warmth and kindness is appreciated by our entire family. Please extend our thanks to all the staff.

-- April, 2015

Debbie (Toronto)

“I was hoping to order 200 egg rolls to be shipped to Nelson, BC for my wedding reception.”

-- March, 2015

Colleen (Nelson, BC)

“My wife’s mother was an Ottawa gal and always touted the superiority of the Golden Palace Egg rolls. I’ve had them a few times and can attest to their deliciousness.

I was curious if you’ve ever shipped to the United States? I’d love to get some but won’t be traveling to Canada in the near future.”

-- March, 2015

Jared (USA)

“My family has been enjoying your egg rolls for 4 generations.

My grandparents ate there when they were newlyweds, both my parents and my brother & I ate them many many times. Now when we can we treat our children to them.

The problem is, we live in Victoria, BC now. Is there any way you can arrange a shipment of them? Have you done this for other people? My father's birthday is coming up and the only thing he wants is Golden Palace Egg Rolls.”

-- March, 2015

Jane (Victoria, BC)

“Hello! Each year we send you an email order for our company. We have 25 people here. How can I send you my big order? thank you!”

-- March, 2015

Shannon :)

“Do you ship egg rolls ?? Moved to the U.S. and I miss GP !”

-- March, 2015

Mark (USA)

“We love your eggrolls so much. we would like to serve them at our wedding reception, on Friday, August 14, 2015, in Barrhaven. We'd need around 200... Is such a thing possible? Please say yes and make our day even more memorable!”

-- March, 2015

Marylene & Ben (Ottawa)

“My parents moved from Ottawa 10 years ago (where they just lived a few blocks from your restaurant) and they still insist that we bring Golden Palace egg rolls to them when we visit. My mother freezes them and cooks them only on the most special occasions.

-- February, 2015

Margaret (Ottawa)

“I have heard a lot about your egg rolls.

My little sister used to live in Ottawa with my mum. My sister was getting research stem cell treatment for her MS. She has moved back to Alberta and is now in a long term care facility. She is 39 years old. She has been wanting your egg rolls for a while now. I looked online and seen where they have traveled. We live in Red Deer AB. Would it be possible to get some shipped frozen. We would want about 3 dozen.

That would make her so happy.”

-- February, 2015

Nikki (Alberta)

“I have eaten at the Golden Palace for 25 years. Can you ship egg rolls to Florida?”

-- January, 2015

Paul (Florida)

“Hi there. I have been a long time customer of yours, even from before I can remember.

My mom and I used to dine there all the time. You are amazing.

I have my father still living in Ottawa and he sometimes ships me eggrolls so that I don’t have to miss them.”

-- January, 2015

Erin (London, Ontario)

“Would you courier two dozen egg rolls to me in another province (Nova Scotia)?

We just moved here and my husband is missing your egg rolls.”

-- December, 2014

Dr. Y (Nova Scotia)

“Thanks so much Bill to you and your amazing staff too who made this happen. I really appreciate it and so will my boss. I should score major “brownie points” once they actually arrive. LOL.”

-- December, 2014

Sherri (Midhurst, ON)

“Every Christmas Eve (forever), our family has dinner at the Golden Palace. This year everyone is scattered across Canada and we are going to Whitehorse to be with our son and his family. Do you sell frozen eggrolls that we can take and reheat in the oven?”

-- December, 2014

Nancy (Ottawa)

“I grew up in Ottawa. In 1957 (when I was 11 years old) we moved to an address not far from The Golden Palace. For several years my family dined in your restaurant and ordered take out. Whether we dined in The Golden Palace or ordered from your take out menu, your delicious egg rolls were always a must.

I preferred them with your plum sauce. My mother however enjoyed them with your hot mustard. I didn't know then and didn't learn until several years later that your delicious Golden Palace egg rolls were famous and referred to as 'Burnt end egg rolls'. Keep in mind I was only 11 years old at the time and they were the only egg rolls I'd ever eaten. No matter, I was hooked.

To me they were then and still are the best, most delicious egg rolls ever. Having said all that, I now reside in Calgary Alberta and have for several years. I've looked for but never found a restaurant in Calgary that has your famous burnt end type egg roll. Tell me please, do you know of a restaurant here in Calgary that has your famous burnt end type egg roll? If not, if The Golden Palace is the only source of the best egg rolls ever, can I go on line to your website and place an order for your egg rolls (and pay on line) to be delivered to me here in Calgary? If not, why not? After all this is the 21st Century.”

-- November, 2014

D. W. (Calgary)

“I moved from Ottawa to Poughkeepsie NY this year. The Chinese food here is terrible and the egg rolls especially … When my sister came for a visit this past July I asked her to bring me some Golden palace egg rolls. She delivered 24! Even frozen they were delicious when heated in the oven.

I gave a few to a friend who said he hated egg rolls. Needless to say he loved them and wants more.”

-- October, 2014

Janice (Poughkeepsie, NY)

“I live in South Carolina USA, but my family and I have enjoyed your restaurant for the past 40 some years each year I come up to visit family.

Is there a way you can overnight ship a dozen egg rolls down here, approximately how much would it cost and how would I go about it if it is possible?”

-- October, 2014

Starr (South Carolina)

“Hi. I was born & raised in Ottawa and the ONLY place we went was to the Golden Palace. Your egg rolls are superior. I have never come across a better roll anywhere I've been. Actually, to this day, when I see the "standard" egg roll at other places, it just makes me want YOUR egg rolls even more. Thank you.

I have a question for you. I was recently in Ottawa and purchased 6 dozen egg rolls. They have been frozen ever since. How do I defrost them without them being soggy and what would be the best way to reheat them to serve at Thanksgiving. I want to share them with my Husband's family. They have never eaten them before & I want their experience to be just as good as getting them fresh.

I await your answer and Thank You SO much for your hard work for making the

" WORLD'S BEST" egg roll.”

-- September, 2014

Liz (Collingwood, Ontario)

“My sister and I grew up in Ottawa, and we still love your eggrolls! We go out of our way to make sure we eat some during our visits to Ottawa, and we always take some home on the plane too. I'm in Calgary and my sister is in Regina. My sister has frozen them, and enjoyed them for as long as she could. I am writing today to find out if you have set up a means of being able to ship your eggrolls. Can you ship to either Regina or Calgary? I know they can ship live lobsters from the East coast, so that got me to wondering if you can ship your delicacy too!

Otherwise we have to wait until August of 2015 for our next visit.”

-- September, 2014

Amber (Calgary)

“Just wanted to let you know that your egg rolls make their way to Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland at least twice a year.

In fact, I might be flying to Ottawa at the end of this month to grab more to bring home! The local egg rolls are terrible! I NEED GOLDEN PALACE EGG ROLLS!”

-- August, 2014


“My buddies and I ate at the Golden Palace Restaurant weekly. Tom used to know just what I wanted when I came in for a meal and for our poker nights we'd order 70 egg rolls with a gigantic tub of that great plum sauce. This was in the late '60's.

Since moving to BC in 1969 I have been back just once many years ago and the first thing I did getting to Ottawa was to go straight to the GP, buy some egg rolls and eat them standing up in the parking lot before I even got back in the car.

When I told a friend of mine here on Gabriola Island, BC that story and that I sometimes dream about those eggs rolls........he brought some back for me last week and they were just the same.......wonderful. So you can add Gabriola Island, BC to your list of travels. Is there any way of ordering them frozen and shipping here?”

-- August, 2014


“My friends introduced me to your egg rolls a few years ago when I was visiting them in Ottawa. They have become a staple part of every visit to the city.

Last Fall I introduced my fiance to them and he fell in love as well. We are getting married in June near Montreal and would love to serve your egg rolls as our late night snack.”


“Thanks for your response. We are excited to serve your egg rolls as our late night snack at our wedding. Can we place an order for 10 dozen egg rolls for June 13th 2014? Our friends Mark and Judy will be picking the egg rolls up for us on Friday June 13th and then bringing them to Montreal. We will be serving them the following day (June 14th) at our wedding.”

-- May, 2014

Rachel (Montreal)

“I recently moved to Vancouver from Ottawa. They don't seem to sell egg rolls anywhere. Only have spring rolls. Why wouldn't you open a franchise in Vancouver? .....

I don't miss Ottawa all that much, but I do miss your egg rolls.”

-- May, 2014

Wolfganganzen (Vancouver)

“Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. Both my parents have been customers of yours for well over 30 years however they no longer live in the area. Their 50th birthdays are coming up very soon and I was wondering if you ever ship your eggrolls anywhere … I know there is nothing that they would love more than to receive some. They live in Winnipeg.”

-- April, 2014

Kayla (Ottawa)

“Good morning! I am so happy to email you. Each year we do lunches in March and our budget was cut, but we just got word that we are ordering lunch again this year! (just one)

As usual, we want Golden Palace. Please let me know if you can do this order on Friday.”

-- March, 2014

Shannon (Kanata, Ontario)

“Our Dad (now deceased) Clay *** knew Tom Mar well fromOttawa Board of Trade. We grew up in BelAir Park in Ottawa West, and Golden Palace was the ONLY place we ever went to for Chinese Food. Mr. Mar had memorized almost every surname of every family that ever ordered He knew you as soon as you walked in.

My eldest brother lives in Labrador City, NFLD, and takes GP Egg Rolls back home any time he is in Ottawa.

I think it is FABULOUS that GP is still family Owned.

It always amazed me how Mr. Mar knew your family name as soon as you came up the stairs … all the Bel-Air park gang. Terrific memory. And he always called our Dad by his first name.

Have a great day!!!”

-- March, 2014

Nancy (Ottawa)

“My family has been having Golden Palace as a treat as long as I can remember. My mom's family has been ordering GP since she was very young. Your egg rolls are a staple for our family. I am getting married in September and I would love to have egg rolls served at our "late night buffet".

-- February, 2014

Julie (Ottawa)

“The best egg rolls. Have been getting them for 20 years. You need to start shipping them in Canada.”

-- February, 2014

Laurie (Toronto)

“I was showing my colleague what a GP egg roll was and realized that you have a page where you show where your egg rolls have travelled.

I have been living abroad for 16 years but I was born in Ottawa. I have lived in the UK, Sweden and now Holland. I can tell you that your egg rolls have travelled with me to all three countries.

I have just returned back to Amsterdam and with me came 2 dozen eggrolls.

I keep them in my freezer and try and make them last until my next visit…unfortunately they don’t usually last that long.

I hope that you can add my countries to your website.”

-- January, 2014

Donna (Europe)