D. W. (Calgary)

“I grew up in Ottawa. In 1957 (when I was 11 years old) we moved to an address not far from The Golden Palace. For several years my family dined in your restaurant and ordered take out. Whether we dined in The Golden Palace or ordered from your take out menu, your delicious egg rolls were always a must.

I preferred them with your plum sauce. My mother however enjoyed them with your hot mustard. I didn't know then and didn't learn until several years later that your delicious Golden Palace egg rolls were famous and referred to as 'Burnt end egg rolls'. Keep in mind I was only 11 years old at the time and they were the only egg rolls I'd ever eaten. No matter, I was hooked.

To me they were then and still are the best, most delicious egg rolls ever. Having said all that, I now reside in Calgary Alberta and have for several years. I've looked for but never found a restaurant in Calgary that has your famous burnt end type egg roll. Tell me please, do you know of a restaurant here in Calgary that has your famous burnt end type egg roll? If not, if The Golden Palace is the only source of the best egg rolls ever, can I go on line to your website and place an order for your egg rolls (and pay on line) to be delivered to me here in Calgary? If not, why not? After all this is the 21st Century.”

-- November, 2014